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| Lawyer Xu Shen of Hubei Luojia Law Firm was invited by Changjiang News to explain the legal details of whether alcoholic snacks and beverages can be sold to minors


       After Moutai coffee, there are alcohol ice cream enterprises cross-border behavior continues to stage, so that many young people and even minors are flock to。Online shopping platforms and takeout platforms, Moutai ice cream, Ma Diere rum flavor Popsicle, Shaoxing rice wine Popsicle and other sales are very considerable, some products after-sales evaluation reached more than 50,000。Whether it is on the outer packaging of ice cream, or when the business is selling, most of the products contain alcohol, do not eat minors and other risk warnings。To the question of whether minors can eat such ice cream, most of the answers given by businesses are safe to eat or can eat a small amount。In the investigation, the reporter found that many businesses sell ice cream not only with the internal wine, some also have the appearance of wine。According to incomplete statistics, there are nearly 10 bottles of ice cream being sold on the market。Most of the parents surveyed expressed concern that it would lead to bad guidance for their children。Ice cream "wine" is prevalent, how to correctly guide minors to consume such products?Yangtze River news special report on this。


       According to the National Standard terminology and classification of alcoholic beverages implemented on June 1, 2022, the alcohol concentration is 0.More than 5% of alcoholic beverages are classified as beverage alcohol。Ice cream as a frozen drink, if its alcohol concentration exceeds 0.5%, is an alcoholic beverage or food, should be produced and sold in accordance with alcohol laws and regulations, minors can not eat, businesses should also apply to prohibit sales to minors。Many parents also said that from the perspective of protecting minors, the sale of alcohol ice cream should be further regulated according to law。



       Hubei Luojia Law firm lawyer Xu Shen was invited by the Changjiang News column to interpret the legal details of whether alcoholic snacks and beverages can be sold to minors。Xu said,The law of our country does not encourage minors to drink alcohol, but it does not expressly prohibit them from drinking alcohol。Article 37 of the Law on the Protection of Minors prohibits the sale of tobacco and alcohol to minors, but there are no specific rules。In reality, it is rare to see operators being punished for taking alcoholic drinks from minors。Alcohol operators should place a prominent sign that they do not sell alcohol to minors, even if it does not contain alcohol, and it is not advisable to advertise ice cream in the shape of a bottle as a marketing point。Although this conforms to the novelty psychology of minors' pursuit of trends, it may allow minors to ignore hidden risks and rush into contact with alcohol and food, which will have an impact on their health。


       Mr. Xu further added his own preventive suggestions in this regard。First, there should be a special alcohol prohibition law for minors, which clearly stipulates that drinking alcohol under the age of 18 is illegal。Second, there are specific penalties for operators who sell alcoholic beverages to minors, and supervision should be strengthened, while encouraging the public to report, complain and supervise。Third, schools and parents should guide and educate their children correctly。


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